• 18.03.2014

    Niche Generation

    Uniformdating.com in The Guardian Again This time in the Generation Y Takover series, Uniformdating.com appears in The Guardian once again. The topic: niche dating in all its wondrous variety. Guardian feature writer Emine Saner takes us through some of the specialised dating sites that are increasingly cropping up and changing the shape of dating online. […]

  • 06.03.2014

    Female First

    At Cupid we live and breathe dating. And we get our advice out there too! We spend our time building great sites and apps, constantly working to please our customers and provide them with products worthy of their attention in a world full of digital distractions. But at the heart of it all remains our […]

  • 06.03.2014

    Spyrologics partnership

    “We’re delighted to partner with Cupid, a leader in the online dating market”, says Marvin Igelman, CEO of Sprylogics. “Online dating, like other segments, where planning and coordinating between users is done via our search and share functionality; or where monetization of local search is a priority, is a perfect fit for our Poynt-Enabled SDK. […]

  • 06.03.2014

    The language of love

    Women have been known to spend hours on end analysing a first date, but there’s no need anymore with this handy body language guide. Read the full article

  • 01.03.2014


    Age is just a number. And when that number is double figured and starting with 4, we find a new and invigorated approach to dating among UK single people. Our dating and lifestyle brand LoveBeginsAt.com is right in front of this growing scene, as Lucy Cavendish’s recent piece in The Times suggests. Founder Member of […]


Since being founded in 2005, Cupid plc has grown and transformed. From its humble beginnings as an Edinburgh-based start-up to being the first UK dating company to be listed in the London Stock Exchange (AIM), here are some of the figures that make us who we are:


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Our Brands

At Cupid, we offer a network of online dating sites, rather than a single core brand. Our diverse brand portfolio allows us to reach mainstream, niche and specific regional markets with highly relevant products and services, tailored to a variety of dating lifestyles and cultures.


Cupid’s development hub constantly strives for the delivery of innovative and quality products and features to lead the online dating industry’s rapid growth. The company’s ambitious vision is no less than to redefine the way we look at dating in general, on and offline.


With online safety at the forefront of customer experience, Cupid runs a powerful automated system that detects scammers before they do any damage. Partnering with the most advanced cybercrime prevention solutions, our team of highly experienced risk managers operates 24/7 checks on suspicious activity and blocks fraudulent users.


The world and their mother have gone mobile. Cupid’s leading brands now operate in the mobile web and app spaces. Our customers date and browse profiles on the go, on Android, iPhone and tablets. Our apps have fluid, intuitive usability with contemporary interface, to provide an utterly sophisticated mobile dating service, wherever you are.


Logged out, unplugged, offline. The real ‘click’ only happens in the analogue reality of the personal encounter. Cupid brings dating to life in leading singles’ events and practical relationship and dating advice. Waiting behind the face of technology won’t do at all. We’re committed to dating. That must mean meeting, in the flesh, face-to-face.